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DIY/2.0 Christmas Ornament DIY party!

{Editing Note: Sorry to anyone who tried to read yesterdays blog and was confronted with the white screen of death! That’s what happens when I start tinkering with code.}

When you think Christmas, I bet the first thing that comes to mind is “Octopus!” Right??… No?  Well even if that’s not the case, I’m sure you can get behind this cute little octopus ornament for your tree.  I saw this on the Terrain website, and thought I should give it the ol’ DIY try and recreate it here for you!

My friend Naomi and I got together the other evening and had a little DIY ornament party.  Naomi showed me how to recreate the hot glue ornaments from Pitter and Glink, and we both had a shot at the Octopus.

Full directions after the jump…

A quick note about glue: I used watered down craft glue for this project, but I tried again later, and used homemade mod podge.  That worked just as well, but takes longer to dry, so I’d recommend the craft glue just to make things easier.  I’ll include the homemade mod podge recipe below anyways.

First I started out with a small size Christmas bauble.  I bought a pack of all different sizes, and have sacrificed the ugly ones for crafting.

I ripped up small pieces of newspaper in order to wrap them around the ball without creating too many wrinkles.

Next, I took longer strips of newspaper and attached them at the base of the ball to make the neck area of the octopus. (trunk?  whatever it is)

After I connected those all the way around the ball, I used some tape and taped around the base.  I didn’t take a picture of this step! But it should be pretty self explanatory.  I then snipped off  the newspaper below the tape, where the ‘neck’ would end, and the legs would begin.

Next I took long strips of newspaper, and twisted them around as if they were the legs, and attached them in the same way to the ball.  Just use your judgement, cover the tape, and keep adding pieces until it starts to look smooth.  When all the legs were attached, I curled them around, set the octopus into the position I wanted it to set as. I used little balled up pieces of newspaper to keep everything in place.

The next day, this is what he looked like.  He reminds me of the octopus that was predicting the results of the world cup soccer finals.

Next, I painted on some eyes, and some little suckers. Another nice addition would be a dusting of silver or gold spray paint.

There you have it, your own little home made octopus ornament.

Now!  On to Naomi’s lovely hot glue snowflake ornaments:

They are easy to make, and are so pretty!  Here’s a montage of the process. (aren’t Naomi’s nails cool?!)

Basically, you put wax paper over a snowflake template, and get it wet with a little water and some dishwashing liquid. You then trace the template with the hot glue, being careful not to squish the branches together, and to avoid strings.  After it hardens, you take it off the wax paper, cover it in a thin layer of glue, and cover it in glitter.   More in depth directions are available at Pitter and Glink.

Thanks Naomi for bringing your crafty little self over for DIY night!

Mod Podge Recipe- this makes a ton, so I would recommend cutting the recipe down if you’re just planning on making one ornament.  It will store in an air tight container though.

1 1/2 cup flour

1/4 cup sugar

2 tsp oil

heat on a saucepan together at medium heat for five minutes.  Start crafting!




DIY fun!!

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