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Butterfly Wing Tray

One thing I bought at the flea market over Christmas is a really pretty vintage tray with a design made out of butterfly wings pressed under glass.  It’s so pretty, and I have it on my bar cart.  These trays were made in Brazil from the 40′s to the 60′s, and feature inlayed teak, and gorgeous butterfly wings.  Mine happens to have a fair bit of wear to the wings, but it’s still beautiful.  I couldn’t take a picture of it today other than on my iphone, so I’ll have to take one later.  For now, here are a few butterfly wing trays that are available on ebay and etsy.  They’re a really cool and different way of showcasing butterflies other than having them pinned and in a frame….and  I don’t feel as bad because they’re vintage!


What do you think? Do you like this kind of thing?  Or does it freak you out a little?


Debby McAllister

They are beautiful, but I’m a tree hugging, bug lover so I feel sorry for the butterflies.


Those trays are really pretty.


Very interesting… my grandfather was a sailor and brought a tray back from Rio de Janeiro back in 1910-15. I was wondering how much you paid for it?


I grew up with one of these beauties hanging on our wall, it even had our last name on it. My grandfather had brought it back from …. somewhere, so many years ago. If I hadn’t grown up emotionally attached to it, I would probably freak out about the poor butterflies. I love bugs and butterflies.

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